Irish-born Flynn, who owns and runs The Tannery restaurant in County Waterford, Ireland, enlivens his first collection of recipes with piquant stories of the culinary lifestyle. More a celebration of food and life, than a straightforward cookbook....

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The dishes presented in Elegant Irish Cooking are served in Ireland's best restaurants and homes.Used Book in Good...

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An Irish Literary Cookbook.Used Book in Good...

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In The Country Cooking of Ireland, internationally acclaimed food and travel writer Colman Andrews brings to life the people, countryside, and delicious food of Ireland. Fast emerging as one of the world's hottest culinary destinations, Ireland is a...

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Follow bestselling author and TV chef Rachel Allen as she journeys along the beautiful Atlantic coast of Ireland, delivering over 100 of the most sumptuous recipes picked up from her culinary odyssey along the way.The west coast of Ireland is a...

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This pocket-sized cookbook features all the classic Irish potato dishes, from boxty to colcannon, as well as exciting new suggestions such as parmesan potato cakes, roasted butternut squash and potato curry and even potato pizza! There are soups,...

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The Irish are renowned throughout the world for their hospitality and love of good food and drink. This stunning new book offers a fabulous and comprehensive collection of the traditional dishes that have helped to earn Ireland its deserved culinary...

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Ireland's most famous chef, Darina Allen, owns, manages, and teaches at the famous Ballymaloe Cookery School in County Cork. She is also presenter for the British television series Simply Delicious.Used Book in Good...

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For those times when you need a snack—or a dessert after a good meal, or a homemade food gift, or a way to preserve the season—you need only to stock an Irish pantry to be prepared for any occasion. From jams and jellies to cakes, breads,...

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Roughly 44 million Americans of Irish descent, though understandably proud of their heritage, have grown up with a shocking degree of cultural deprivation with regard to the culinary traditions of their ancestors. For most, Irish cuisine means...

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Welcome to the “THE IRISH COOKBOOK "How to make Traditional Low Carb, Paleo Diet Friendly recipes with a kick!"”. As per its name, this book is all about Irish cuisine. Therefore, if you love cooking and like studying about a different country's...

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