Few writers have asked how the notion of an Irish-American ethnic identity in contemporary America can be reconciled with five, six, or seven generations of intermarriage and assimilation over the last century and a half. This study, based on...

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The story of the Irish in America is the story of the Republic itself. Includes short takes on the great writers, the great clerics, the story of how the Irish literally built America and much more. Illustrated with historical...

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The powerful story of the 40 million Irish-Americans, descendants of the seven million men and women who emigrated from Ireland to America in the last three centuries. More than 200 illustrations and photos, many in full color, offer visual proof of...

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Featuring 29 classic and original essays on the turbulent, vital, and fascinating story of the Irish in America. The contributors include Linda Dowling Almeida, Margaret Lynch-Brennan, Marion R. Casey, David Noel Doyle, Pete Hamill, Kevin Kenny,...

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They came in the holds of overcrowded ships, packed in among cargo and animals. They were sold to others to work as hard and under as dismal conditions as their owners chose. They were taken to the West Indies, to Barbados, to the American colonies,...

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In the newest volume in the award-winning Penguin History of American Life series, James R. Barrett chronicles how a new urban American identity was forged in the streets, saloons, churches, and workplaces of the American city. This process of...

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Virtually every aspect of American culture has been influenced by Irish immigrants and their descendants. This encyclopedia tells the full story of the Irish-American experience, covering immigration, assimilation, and achievement.• Demonstrates...

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This compendium contains 1001 fascinating facts and trivia about the intertwined histories of Ireland and the United States. It is a complete reference to important historic events and the contributions of Irish Americans in areas including:•...

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Once seen as threats to mainstream society, Irish Americans have become an integral part of the American story. More than 40 million Americans claim Irish descent, and the culture and traditions of Ireland and Irish Americans have left an indelible...

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The ancient legends and ancestral legacy of the Emerald Isle. “We will know them in the deep genetic river of our ancestry, Irish at the marrow, carrying the story in our bones, in our very bones.” ―from Part 4 From 3800 B.C. to the...

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A history of the Irish in America from the eighteenth century to the present, by one of the nation's most eminent scholars of the immigrant experience. Jay Dolan of the University of Notre Dame is one of America's most acclaimed scholars of...

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