Irish/English English/Irish Dictionary and Phrasebook (Language Dictionaries Series)

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The Irish language, still spoken in the ‘Gaeltacht’ areas of counties Donegal, Galway, Mayo, Cork, and Kerry as a community language, represents the last western outpost of an ancient Iron Age Celtic civilization which extended at one point as far as Asia Minor. During the last few centuries of its existence, the language has been primarily the vehicle for a rich and varied folk culture, unsurpassed anywhere in western Europe, and from the late 1800’s it has also been the focus of a popular revival movement which has resulted in a flourishing modern literature.

This 1,400-word dictionary indicates pronunciation in English spelling and will swiftly acquaint visitors with a basic key vocabulary. Phrases cover travel, sightseeing, shopping, and recreation, and notes are provided on grammar, pronunciation, and dialect. Featuring a concise grammar and pronunciation guide and a brief history of the Irish language, this dictionary and phrasebook is an essential resource for anyone wishing to become acquainted with the Irish language.

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