Guitar pick holder pendant PICKBAY Stainless Steel w Celtic Luck O’ the Irish Guitar PICK set

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Solid Stainless Steel PickBay + Shamrock Guitar Pick and 3+ pearloid picks. Comes with polishing pouch and BONUS super shiny 3.2mm BIGGER ball chain. Get some LUCK O’ the IRISH Celtic luck with this shamrock guitar pick & PICKBAY! > FREE Shamrock Pick & Bigger Ball Chain! An $10.75 value. > Stainless Steel PickBay – HOLDS 1 to 3 PICKS > Change Picks – 1000 Necklaces in 1! > Most Perfectly Designed Pick Holder Necklace Ever! Wear green like a rock star! Set includes Stainless Steel necklace, a FREE pearloid shamrock guitar pick, 3 jewel-tone guitar picks (Ruby, Emeral, Sapphire), a clear pick protector, velveteen polishing pouch and FREE upgrade to 24″ bigger ball chain (3mm). Proudly display your concert picks or favorite jewel-tone picks everywhere you go. Your picks are safe and secure but easily interchangeable so you change your look anytime! The easiest way to insert or release a pick is to place your thumb over the front surface of the pendant. Then slide the pick in, using your thumb to guide it. Be sure that pick is all the way in. You’ll sometimes hear it “snap in” place under the chain shuttle which acts as a stopper, holding the pick or picks in place. To remove a pick, simply push the pick up and out with your thumb. Stainless Steel is a ultra shiny finish that fits all rock, metal, country, emo and goth wardrobes. And it will never tarnish or fade or get funky under normal conditions. Here’s a breakdown of how many picks it will hold based on Fender specs of .46mm (thin), .71mm (medium), and 1mm (heavy): 3 Thin 1 Medium and 1 thin 1 Medium 1 Thin (best to use 2 thins) 1 Heavy (up to 1.2 mm) Thin, medium, heavy–PickBay holds almost every standard “351” size guitar pick you’ll find — Dunlop, Gibson, Grover Allman, Addian, and tribute “picture picks.” You’ll be planning your wardrobe around your picks and vice-versa once you get started.Shamrock guitar pick

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