Walton's Music has been at the forefront of Irish music since the company was founded by Martin Walton in 1922. Ireland has a tradition of beautiful music and the name Walton's is an integral part of that tradition with two retail stores, a music...

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Remo's new deep shell Irish Bodhrans are available in 14" and 16" diameter and are designed with a 4.5" deep Acousticon shell. Each drum is fashioned with an internal tuning system and a synthetic Bahia Bass drumhead. The Bahia Bass drumhead...

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Inexpensive soft carrying case. This case accommodates any circular frame style drum up to 16 inches diameter by 4.5 inches deep. Sewn into the case is a side pocket for tippers and twin zippers for easy opening and closing. Protect your drum from...

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This 16-inch Irish Bodhran is beautifully crafted and includes an intricate celtic design. The wood is lightly varnished for strength, and endurance. Genuine goat skin is fastened well for the perfect sound and endurance. The complimentary...

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Bodhran Tipper. Origin Country: Pakistan. 0.3 lbs. Made by Mid-East.8.5" Rosewood tipper with two elongated knobs. Used to play the bodhran. 8.5" long x 1/4" mid-shaft x 3/4" knobs.Handcrafted Quality, Value...

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Quality 10" Bodhran with real goatskin drum skin!Quality 10" Bodhran with real goatskin...

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(Waltons Irish Music Books). This 30-page book has an accompanying CD, all created by Conor Long. The book will introduce the beginner to the bodhran. Learn to care for and handle your bodhran, as well as how to hold it, various playing positions...

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This 10" inch bodhran is beautifully crafted and comes with an intricate celtic design. The wood is lightly varnished for strength, and endurance. The skin is fastened well for the perfect sound and endurance. And the beater is weighted perfectly,...

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Walton's traditional Irish bodhráns are made from genuine goatskin. As goatskin is a natural material it can vary in color and texture. Over time, and with use, the design applique on the face of your bodhrán can begin to separate from the fibres...

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Primary rhythmic accompaniment for Celtic and Irish music. Contains a goatskin head and a mulberry wood frame with a natural finish and cut out, which allows player to comfortably reach hand in and apply pressure to head from the inside of frame....

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Bodhrans are the traditional Irish/Celtic hand drum. Trinity College bodhrans are built to the traditional 18" diameter with twin crossbar support and laminated wood rim. The genuine natural white goatskin head is attached with tacks, giving the...

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Bodhrans are known for their earthy and warm tones. MEINL offers two different versions, a Celtic model featuring a cross bar and an Irish model that comes with an extra deep frame and a dampening layer on the head. The Irish Bodhran features an...

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